Thursday, 18 July 2013

50 Things to Blog about When Suffering from Severe Writer’s Block

Oh writer’s block, the arch nemesis of bloggers everywhere. Excitedly we turn on our computers, open our word documents, and then BAM! Nothing. Our minds go blank. We write and rewrite sentence upon sentence, building up an intense frustration as our fingers make close friendships with the backspace key. Each writing attempt becomes more pathetic than the last, and we eventually turn off our computers in disappointment and defeat.

But we can fight this! Below I have put together a list of 50 writing prompts – ammunition with which we can protect ourselves from the dark side. Feel free to use these ideas as your own, and if you think of any others please help your fellow bloggers out by leaving them in the comment box.

Together - as one unit - we form a shield. A shield strong enough, powerful enough, and with enough writing talent (that’s right, this shield can write), to survive any obstacle. We will join together and work as one to not only defend against, but also ABOLISH, the evil force that is writer’s block.

So let's get started!

1. 10 reasons why my pet is better than yours

2. 5 people I would like to be friends with

3. You know you’re a band nerd if…

4. 17 things to do when you’re feeling blue

5. Eggs: Are they all they’re cracked up to be?

6. 10 things I hate about the human race

7. My favourite stuffed toy is…

8. 6 Reasons why rabbits make amazing pets

9. My top 5 favourite places in my city are…

10. Everyone is beautiful: A discussion on the pressure to be “perfect”

11. 4 stories we know and love – before the Disney alterations

12. 9 things to do when you’re dying after an intense workout

13. 10 things I wish I could’ve told myself 5 years ago

14. 15 jokes for nerds

15. 4 guilty pleasures I couldn’t live without

16. My top 3 most embarrassing moments

17. 15 things to do when suffering from writer’s block

18. Someone who inspires me is…

19. The 10 commandments of weight loss

20. 6 things not to do when visiting your grandma

21. How to write a blog article

22. 8 reasons why you shouldn’t piss me off

23. Everything you could ever want to know about elephants

24. 13 of the all-time most entertaining German words

25. 5 reasons why the morning is the best time of the day

26. You know you’re Canadian if…

27. 10 places I want to see before I die

28. 12 things I learned over the last year

29. 5 books on my shelf that I will never get rid off

30. How to survive an encounter with me

31. An inspirational quote that has really impacted me is…

32. 20 names perfectly suited for a guinea pig

33. I am obsessed with: Josh Groban!

34. 10 ways I motivate myself when I’m feeling down

35. Oldies vs. Rap: A biased review

36. Duct tape: the ultimate necessity

37. 12 things that annoy me more than they probably should

38. 8 things I would do today if I knew I would die tomorrow

39. Let’s talk about: Charles Dickens!

40. 10 things my pet would probably say to me if he could talk

41. An open letter to someone I wish I could talk to

42. A mental illness that I would like to know more about is…

43. 18 embarrassingly pathetic first world problems

44. How to cure the hiccups, and 9 other helpful life solutions

45. Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

46. Yolo!...Why does this phrase make me want to hurt small animals?

47. 12 things to do at Wal-Mart

48. Something going on in the world that I feel strongly about is…

49. 10 reasons why I’m looking forward to Christmas

50. 10 ways to pass the time using only a roll of toilet paper, a dishcloth….and kitty stickers


  1. Cool list! That will keep you busy. Thanks for stopping by my Things to Blog About lens and leaving a link to your blog.
    Happy Writing

  2. I'm not a blogger but if I was I would blog about 14,28, and 30 they all seem really good things to write about!

  3. Random Internet Girl:10 July 2015 at 23:08

    This is so cool! Keep blogging girl!

  4. This is amazing stuff. I'm really not a life time blogger but more of a fictional story blogger. I really use my blog for my fiction writing and to put myself out there. I think it is important for me to still put blog posts like this out to get my creative juices flowing and show what kind of writer I am.

    Keep Writing On,


    (Here is a link to my blog if you want to check it out if that's okay: )