Saturday, 20 July 2013

20 Beautifully Simple Life Hacks

Life is hard. And first world problems are hard. But fortunately they don’t have to be, thanks to the internet. After my sister showed me a neat trick on how to stop the hiccups, I started to wonder what other simple solutions were out there for my most pressing first world problems. So I sat down and spent a couple hours surfing the web, and have scoped out la crème de la crème of life hacks. Most of the items on my list are not my original ideas, just an assortment of the gems I found floating around in cyberspace.

Get ready for your life to become a whole lot easier!

1. When you accidentally grab something that is too hot, immediately touch your earlobes. You will feel the heat transfer from your finger tips to your earlobes, and it will keep you from getting burnt.
Why does this work? Earlobes are mostly adipose tissue, aka fat. And since fat has a low density, it allows for it to absorb heat faster.

2. Put newspaper at the bottom of your kitchen garbage bin to absorb food juices. It not only prevents your garbage from leaking, but also keeps it smelling fresher.

3. Ouch, just gave yourself a paper cut?  No problem! Heal the cut immediately and stop the pain by rubbing Chapstick on it.

4. Just finished a delicious plate of garlic alfredo at your favourite Italian restaurant, and now your breath isn’t smelling too fresh? The parsley on your plate isn’t just a pretty little decoration, it neutralizes garlic breath.

5. Not sure if your batteries are still good? Drop them onto a table from a height of about 6 inches. If they bounce once and then fall over they still have juice, but if they bounce more than once they’re empty.

6. Sometimes price stickers are annoyingly difficult to remove. But if you heat them with a hair dryer for a minute or two they’ll peel right off.

7. Crack an egg onto a plate. Squeeze an empty water bottle, and then hold it to the egg yolk. Slowly release the pressure on the bottle. This is the simplest way to separate yolks from eggs.

8. If you have a bad case of the hiccups, follow these simple instructions: 1. Inhale as far as you can. 2. Swallow twice. 3. Exhale slowly. Your hiccups are now non-existent.

9. Place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water to keep it from bubbling over.

10. Tired of your charging cords bending a breaking? Put a spring from an old pen around the base of the cord.

11. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the pot when boiling eggs. The shells will peel off effortlessly.

12. When heating up leftovers, leave an empty space in the middle of your plate. This will cause the food to heat up more evenly.

13. Scared of hitting your thumb while hammering a nail? Rather than holding the nail with your fingers, use a clothespin. Problem solved!

14. Paint clear nail polish onto the inside of your rings to keep them from turning your fingers green.

15. Use dryer sheets to remove deodorant stains from your clothing! Rub the dryer sheet in a circular motion over the stain, and it will absorb the deodorant. Just make sure there isn’t any lint on the dryer sheet, or it’ll leave grey marks.

16. Use ice cubes to remove gum from your hair. It will cause the gum to harden, making it easier to remove.

17. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth to instantly cure brain freeze. This also works in making the urge to sneeze go away.

18. If you have persistent acne, sleep with a freshly washed towel over your pillowcase. It will cure or drastically reduce your acne.

19. Car headlights getting a little hazy? Use toothpaste to clean them, they’ll look brand new!

20. Don’t you hate it when you get out of the bath or shower and your mirror is all fogged up? Instead of wiping it off with a towel and leaving smudges and streaks, use your hair dryer and give it a quick blast. Your mirror will be clear in seconds.

So those were the top 20 life hacks that I came up with – hopefully they will make your life just a little easier. If you have any ideas of your own, or I missed something that you believe should be on the list, please tell me in the comment box below. Let’s work together to find a cure for all of our first world problems!


  1. Finally I don't have to experience the back pain that comes along with a big sneeze!

  2. All of these life hack are really good and I have tried a couple of them and I can say that these life hacks do work and are really helpful when u don't know what to do!