Friday, 24 January 2014

Just Purple

Well, I haven't been doing a very good job at sticking to the bi-monthly blog post resolution - so here's an old poem that will hopefully make up for it:

Just Purple

As far as hues are concerned she is purple.
No scent or sound,
No texture or taste,
Just a blotch of color in a rainbow of shades.
Beautiful of course, but never something more –
Never something different.
Just purple.

Naturally, she can be altered –
Paler, darker, brighter, deeper.
She can take the form of a beautiful butterfly
Sailing smoothly through still air,
Or a lazy, land-locked hippo.
Even the syllables of her name can be changed –
Lilac, violet, lavender,
Or ‘Lila’ by German tongue.
But the roots of her purpose are never destroyed.
Still, she is only purple.

Just another color in an endless heaven of hues,
Just a single flower in a rainbow garden,
She is a song for the eyes, but otherwise useless –
Until dark.
Only then, when a blanket of black eerily covers the colors,
Is she more than just a pigment –
More than just purple.
Somehow different than before, she is needed now –

But still, she remains unchanged –
The same as what she always was,
She is purple.
Just Purple.


  1. This is good! Hey, by any chance, are you interested in spoken word poetry?

    1. I am - Shane Koyczan is one of my favourites!

    2. You should check out Sara Kay, she's an amazing spoken word poet.